Starting at $30/hour


Scheduling appointments, interviews & events and managing the project from start to finish.
Who wouldn't love to eliminate the "email ping pong" that's required to nail down a day/time? Our search firm clients find this service invaluable! 


We set up a personalized system to organize, update and maintain customer information as an ongoing service. Our hardworking sales clients who stay busy in the field love this helping hand. 


If you have a customer services email address or hotline that needs attention during business hours, give us the details and we will manage it for you. This ensures that new business doesn’t fall through the cracks and current customers get the attention they deserve.


You have endless amounts of data to input, but not enough time. We are here to help! Our virtual assistants are extremely detailed and have experience using a variety of platforms. 


Need a logo? Our amazing in-house graphic designer can create what you want. Not sure what you want? Just give her some guidelines and creative freedom to make you something amazing!  


We can work with your current design or start from scratch. We can pull copy directly from you or whip something up on our own. Rest assured, your newsletter represent your business and will be free of any typos. 


You write, we edit. It’s that easy! This allows you to focus your time on being creative, while we take care of the dull stuff. 


Whether you have a blog filled with content to share, or you’d rather us pull together new content that represents your brand, we can make you look gooooood across all of your social channels.

WEBsite creation/maintenance  

We can build your website. We can maintain and update your current website. Or we can do both. You can have whatever you like. 


We use a fine tooth comb to scour the web for requested data, analyze our findings, and then present our final product in a PowerPoint Presentation (or in whatever format you prefer). We will even hop on a conference call and do the presentation for you!


virtual assistant 

If you don't have specific needs, but are looking for a "mini me" to help you out long term, this is for you! Your "mini me" can help with any of the tasks listed above and then some.  You let us know what you're looking for and we will connect you with the right virtual assistant. 

*10 hour minimum/month

**Ask us about our non-profit discount

blogger package  

We help with your web search and brainstorming, manage your editorial calendar, proofread your content, schedule and publish the goods and then spread the word on all of your social channels.